Self rostering an Emergency Department

Self rostering an ED

  • Introduce Yourself?

    9th Sep 2019 by

    My name is Alex Nevard, This blog is all about things I have done in my Senior Clinical Fellow year, most likely to talk about the rostering side of things. Currently I’m an ST5 on an OOPTE for 2 years at Leeds Emergency Departments, I do a lot of undergraduate teaching, mentoring, lecturing, examing and… Read more

  • Foreword

    9th Sep 2019 by

    For longer than the nine years that I have been a doctor, the rolling rota has been the standard rostering method. Unfortunately, this standard is a brute force technique which allows for minimal flexibility and correspondingly results in unnecessarily negative morale. Styles of working have changed over time. An increase in out of hours demand… Read more

  • A Note on Healthrota

    9th Sep 2019 by

    A lot of the things I will describe will relate to healthrota.  I’m not sponsored by them, they don’t give me anything nice to use or promote their product.  I will praise its features where I think they are good, I will critique where I think there are problems.  The team I get to chat… Read more

  • My Method of Creating a Self-Rostering Rota, an overview

    9th Sep 2019 by

    Simplify the rota – removed historical shifts, and made everything as homogenous as possible as it will make hour calculations as easy as possible Acquired every doctor’s work schedule – obtained the work pattern of every doctor.  The majority of trainees may work 100% and this will be easy but all the LTFT trainees should… Read more

  • How To: Preparation is key

    9th Sep 2019 by

    Further Detail While a lot of the pleasure from a self rostering rota comes from the idea that you can say yes to a lot of trainee requests, the work behind the rota starts some time earlier.  Like many tasks the preparation beforehand is crucial and will make a large difference to the implementation of… Read more

  • How To: Part 2, Preparation is Still Key

    9th Sep 2019 by

    Changing From a Rota Pattern to a Shift Allocation Quota Once we have a standard template such as that shown above, we can start to progress with the rota.  Instead of thinking of it as a set pattern, think of what we have now as a certain number of shifts to allocate.  From the pattern… Read more

  • How To: Finally Let’s Get to Write a Rota

    9th Sep 2019 by

    Finally Let’s Get to Write a Rota So, we have our pallet of doctors’ shifts to allocate, shifts needed each day and we know what we can and can’t achieve, it is time to create our masterpiece. Stage one – using healthrota we set up an account for everyone and then pre-populated nights and weekends… Read more

  • Little Niggles and suggestions.

    9th Sep 2019 by

    Can people still take leave after the rota is published? Absolutely, but we revert back to rolling roster rules, if the department has enough staff you can have the day off, if not then you’ll need to swap Any Problems Encountered? Not really no. The prep work I did before starting, along with having practised… Read more

  • Thoughts and Conclusions.

    9th Sep 2019 by

    This Rota Isn’t Self-Rostering, You Are a Fraud and Have Sold Me a Lie! That’s funny you sound just like my internal voice! First off, what is self-rostering?  Having kept a close eye on the #twittersphere – it didn’t happen in EM unless you put it on twitter – there are quite a few people… Read more

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