Little Niggles and suggestions.

Can people still take leave after the rota is published?

Absolutely, but we revert back to rolling roster rules, if the department has enough staff you can have the day off, if not then you’ll need to swap

Any Problems Encountered?

Not really no. The prep work I did before starting, along with having practised for a year on a smaller 6-person rota, really helped.  I wouldn’t want to start on a 30+ person rota, but it appears more than doable.

The different style was a shock for some people, I think, despite all the information I tried to provide beforehand, but I think it is a change for the better.  Things like NC days no longer needed to be on a Tuesday caught a few people out who had got used to having these days pre-assigned as not being clinical at work.  There was no reason why a NC day had to be on a Tuesday, this is an example of historical obsolescence. West Yorkshire regional training days fall on a Tuesday, now if you give everyone a Tuesday as a NC day you increase the number of people who could definitely go.  I found out all the teaching days in advance, passed them on to people to apply for and gave them the day off.  After this all NC days could be wherever we want.

Some people have counted up their NC days and told me they hadn’t been given enough. Giving a very transparent method of calculating how I adjust the NC days based on annual and study leave requests seems to have helped with this.


Working face-to-face with people always seems to work better.  I like the idea of a rota meeting however this rota took me a full day to write when everyone had submitted their requests.  I can only imagine that trying to fit 30 registrars in a room for a day would not go down well and is also a waste of people’s time and the department’s money.

Instead I organised rota clinics, times when I would be available to talk and sort any problems out.  Lots of people came, some with just a question whilst with others we wrote most of their rota out while we talked.  I also offered phone and skype calls for people not in Trust.  This helped keep everything as fair as could be.

Can People “Game” the Rota? I suppose technically they can, in the same way they could game a rolling rota, this is why I have spent so much effort in putting in processes that keep things fair.  It also means that when I hand over this system to the next person who wants to do it, people are used to a particular process and

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